“C’mon Betsy May, what’ve you got for me?”

Searching for a joyous blackout poem. Search continues and all our hopes lie with Betsy May. Fueled by tea and i would say juice but that’s kinda non existent. I mean if existed once but – not anymore. Gone to a good place and made a person pretty happy which i guess is the best juice can hope for.


Rob says there’s gonna be a funny Betsy May poem which is somewhat unusual for us. Not that we’re a bunch of downers, it’s just – there was gonna be something after the hyphen. I guess the worst things are easier to deal with if they’re just a form of creation hidden in Gwyneth Rees’ Fairy dust. Will keep you published when  Rob reveals mystery happy poem.


there was a frying pan on Betsy May.

“oh dear” said Betsy May

I badly want the beautiful life

save up and buy it

auntie janet gave her a penny

uncle fred gave her another penny

buy it

he said


We’re all genuinely happy that Betsy May’s living the beautiful life. A nice form of commercialism even though we have no idea what she bought to achieve and merit “the beautiful life”.

i think things are mostly okay . at least in this room.

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