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The Possibilities are Endless


The Create Project is a creativity project. The Create Project works with groups of young people experiencing mental health challenges to discover new and exciting forms of independant creative collaborations with professionals from the creative arts and media industries.


The Create Project has played an integral role in improving the wellbeing of numerous young people in North Wales. Giving them new creative skills, new approaches to dealing with their challenges and new friendships, confidence and hope.


The Create Project has provided a really brilliant and unique kind of opportunity for a number of the young people that are known to CAMHS in Conwy. I believe that the project has contributed significantly to their recovery and maintenance of their emotional wellbeing.

Dr Helen Fitzpatrick  (Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist)

Create is a completely open ended creative project designed to evolve and adapt to the interests of the group. The project explores a wide range of creative outlets, but always driven by the interests and wishes of the group.

This means we could be doing any of the following…


filmmaking, acting, rapping, dancing, doodling, writing, scripting, drawing, building computer games, photographic & digital image editing, day dreaming, composing, beat-boxing, drumming, designing light shows, directing theatre, sound engineering, performing, producing, cooking, eating, chatting and more!


I was interested to hear how diverse and talented your team were in working with the young people in order to have their needs meet and developing their interests and not working to a specific rigid model.

Hafwen Evans (School-Based Counsellor)

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The Team

Who are we?
Lotte Mason

Lotte Mason

Artist / Writer / Zumba Instructor

The Fun One

Hi!I’m Lotte!

I’m Excited!

I love all kinds of creativity from writing and drawing to pumpkin carving and Zumba!

I’ve worked with a wide range of ages and abilities on numerous projects.

Nadine Carter-Smith

Nadine Carter-Smith


The Messy One


I love creativity!

The art I make is collaborative, sometimes involving 100s of people!

I want art to be accessible to all – fun, hands on and sometimes messy!

I am a practicing artst and regularly run workshops for all.

Rob Spaull

Rob Spaull

Digital Artist / Filmaker

The Techie / Geek

I’ve worked in the Digital Media industry for over 15 years.

I love film-making, special effects, writing music and generally being creative.

I’ve run a wide range of workshops with all ages and abilities including Game Development, Music Production, Film making, Web Design and Electronics & Robots. Beep!

The Create Project

The Create Project is a Conwy Arts Trust project run by Venue Cymru with support from CAMHS and Conwy County Borough Social Services